Enolgas Bonomi

ENOLGAS BONOMI S.p.A. is one of the leading international manufacturers of ball valves and cocks for plumbing, natural gas distribution and industry.
Founded in 1960 as a family business, ENOLGAS BONOMI S.p.A. is a Company with a significant and strong history.
In 1991 ENOLGAS BONOMI S.p.A. Quality System obtained ISO 9001 certification for design, manufacturing and service.
Today ENOLGAS BONOMI S.p.A. is an international oriented company, with subsidiaries and representative offices around the world. With 3 production divisions in Brescia area (Northern Italy) and a comprehensive product range, the ENOLGAS Group has the right solution for residential buildings or industrial applications.

Sandro, Flavio and Vittorio Bonomi

Enolgas Bonomi SpA - Group

Enolgas Bonomi SpA

The company was founded in Concesio (BS) in 1960 and today it heads the whole Group.
It manufactures and markets the full production of the Enolgas brand, i.e. manually operated brass valves and motorized valves, industrial stainless steel valves and integrated systems for the safety and home comfort.


Enolgasitech Srl

The company is based in Sale Marasino (BS) and it was founded in 2010.
It is specialized in the production of metal structures and rack cabinets.
Here is the new partner who gave renewed impulse and opened new scenarios, allowing the Group to diversify its business with the rack cabinets and to differentiate itself from the competition thanks to a wider range of metal sheet products for the sanitary and heating fields.


Bongas Deutschland GmbH

Trading company established in 2001 headquartered in Oberkirch.
Specialized in the distribution on the German market of gas ball valves, motorized valves and steel valves for the industry and the sanitary & heating sector.


Bongas Brasil Ltda.

Trading company established in 2002, with headquarter in São Roque.
Specialized in the distribution on the Brazilian market of motorized valves for the industrial and HVAC field, of ball valves for gas and water.


Enolgas USA Inc.

Trading company established in 2008 with headquarter in Fort Lauderdale. Specialized in the distribution on the U.S. market of mechatronics products and components for air conditioning.


Enolgas INDIA

Representative office estabilished in 2013, located in New Delhi.