The specialization in brass ball valves - that characterized the company over the years of the foundation - today is just one of many productions of the group Enolgas Bonomi.
To expand its market and win new areas, Enolgas Bonomi created in recent years a number of initiatives, designed to serve different markets and distribution channels. In addition to traditional brass ball valves, today's production also affects stainless steel valves for industrial plants. Of great importance the creation of a Division, called Systems Division focuses on the development of products for home automation and environmental sustainability. This division is the result of the strategy of recent years, perfectly in line with the innovative trends of the market and intended to characterize the development of production Enolgas Bonomi in the coming years.

Two and Three-way brass valves

The historical strong core business of Enolgas Bonomi.
Valves for water and gas domestic use.
Valves for industrial use.
Motorized valves.

Industrial Steel valves

Valves for industrial plants for food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, storage and pumping gas/fluids.

Systems Division

Systems Division
Home automation, thermal energy metering units, HVAC components.
Water and gas leakage detection systems.

Brass & Motorised Valves

Gas ball valves Water ball valves
Safety gas valves Ball bib-cocks
Gas valves with testing port Check valves
Built-in gas valves Watergates
Flexible hoses for gas and joints Multilayer systems
Fittings Motorised valves


Industrial Valves

Valves for industrial plants for food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, storage and pumping gas/fl uids.
Two and three way ball valves in stainless steel and carbon steel Wafer and split-body ball valves in stainless steel or carbon steel Pneumatic and electric actuators.


Systems Division

It is a device created to distribute heat and sanitary water from the production in a centralized system,
ensuring the consumption regulation and metering.


Motorised valves and actuators for HVAC applications. FCU LINKUP UNITS, complete and pre-assembled
solutions to reduce installation time and to optimize commissioning.